The skin is exposed on a daily basis to many factors that cause pollution, the appearance of acne, pigmentation and other problems.

we are keen to provide all skin products that suit your needs at the Offers&Only website, such as novaclear Polish products that are tested by dermatologists.

novaclear Acne Cleanser Lotion: A face wash suitable for oily and combination acne-prone skin. It contains a group of active ingredients that control excess sebum and prevent the appearance of pimples. novaclear Face Wash helps moisturize and soothe skin while protecting your skin from drying out.

novaclear Intimate Gel: A gentle cleanser that cleanses sensitive areas without affecting the balance of beneficial bacteria or the pH level. Nova Clear Whitening Lotion evens out the skin tone in the intimate area.

Atopus Intensive Cream: A face and body cream that moisturizes sensitive and extremely dry skin. The cream helps to get rid of symptoms caused by dry skin such as roughness, itching and irritation. The Nova Clear cream is suitable for all ages.

Micellar water for acne-prone skin: Micellar water cleanses the skin and removes make-up and impurities to give you clean and fresh skin.

Elbow and Knees Whitening Cream: A cream rich in Alpha Arbutin that works to lighten the knees, elbows and hands. The cream exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin to give you an even complexion free of spots and pigmentation.

novaclear Whitening Face Wash: contains a formula rich in Alpha Arbutin, which works to lighten the skin and get rid of pigmentation. The wash also contains a group of acids that exfoliate the skin to give you bright and healthy skin.

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