Neurobion Tablet for nerve disorder

Neurobion is combination of Vitamin B complex that are essential for proper functioning of the nerves.

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Neurobion 200 mg -20 Tablets
Vitamin B Complex ( B1, B6, B12 ).

Neurobion coated tablets contain a combination of vitamins B1, B6 and B12 which are of importance for the normal functioning of the neural metabolism.
The effect of B vitamins in diseases of the nervous system involves compensation of accompanying vitamin B deficiencies and stimulation of natural healing processes in the nervous tissue.
At the same time, the analgesic effects of the vitamin B complex favorably affect the therapeutic result.

• Diabetic polyneuropathy.
• Alcoholic peripheral neuritis.
• Post-influenza neuropathies.
• Neuritis.
• Neuralgia of the spinal nerves, especially facial paresis, cervical syndrome.
• Low back pain.
• Ischialgia.

How to store:
keep at room temperature.

Points of interest:
• You should not take more or use it for longer than recommended.
• Use in pregnancy & lactation: No risks have become known associated with the use of Neurobion during pregnancy at the recommended dosage.
• Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are secreted into human breast milk, but risks of overdosage for the infant are not known.

How to use:
One tablet three times daily to treat moderate cases, or to provide interval and follow-up therapy for a course of injections unless prescribed otherwise by physician.
The dosage and duration of the treatment is determined by the physician depending on the condition of the patient.

All Ingredients:
VitaminB-6, Vitamin B-1, vitamin B-12.


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